Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Present Moment is my Future Bliss.

Navjit Kandola of Tender Logic posed the question "What future do you belong to?" This is what it got me thinking:

My current and future life story is this present moment, the here and now, and all circumstance, experiences and events coming to me will be determined through the thoughts and feelings I am currently experiencing.

To explain what I am envisioning and creating for my fantastic future I must ask the questions:
How do I feel right now?
What do I want to feel right now?
What do I want to create right now?
That is my story, that is my creation.

Right now I am a woman of worth. I radiate a love so vast that every person I connect with feels this love. In turn they allow themselves more self love and nurturing in their own life. I know that my gifts, my journey, and my divine path is leading me to a future beyond my wildest dreams. The more I align myself with the excitement and joy I feel when I think about the vast potentials the more I allow the universe to bring it into being. I am truly beyond excited for what is to come as I am truly excited about the right now.

We are often so busy thinking of the past and the future that we forget the point of power is truly in the present. When we send love and gratitude to everything that exists in this moment the goodness of it all expands.

Take a look around you and notice even the smallest things that can put a smile on your face. A beautiful song, a funny movie, your lungs that breathe, the possibilities are endless. We are all so blessed as long as we choose to see it.

In love and gratitude!

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