Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Men don't cry and Women cry all the time."

The discussion of masculine and feminine energies and what those mean in our relationships, careers and lives in general has been coming to the forefront as of late.

I've heard many things from different standpoints including women who have resisted the feminine as to not engage in the media's perceived expectations of them to men who are filled with rage about being unable to express their softer, kinder side.

The reality is that neither one of these positions is healthy.
As humans we have both masculine and feminine qualities.  At different moments in our lives these qualities express themselves in unique ways.  This is not something to resist or be ashamed of, it is actually something to be embraced.  It is our gift, and understanding your own natural tendency and how to utilized these different energies can totally transform your life.

It all comes down to balance; we need the masculine to create, to take action, to build structures, and we need the feminine to receive, to nurture and to guide the flow of those structures in a compassionate way. 

As an empowered woman I know when it is time for me to step into my masculine in order to drive my focus and action to create.  I also know when it's time to step into my feminine allowing myself to soften, be vulnerable and open to receiving.  I use this knowing in both my business and my personal life.  In my daily life I embrace my natural tendency to be in my feminine, I enjoy dressing, speaking and interacting in a way that highlights this energy.  It is a comfortable place for me to be and there is nothing "wrong" with that expression as I don't subscribe to the negative lack of self worth ideas around being a woman in today's society. That is my PERSONAL expression, and everyone's can mutate, shift, and be completely unique in a healthy and natural way.  It's about really embracing who you are, one way or the other.

So in saying that, I think it would be much more productive for us to honor the masculine and feminine within ourselves and within others. Learning when and how to use each aspect is the important thing here. When we find a man who is balanced and knows how to be in his natural state and a woman who is the same, and or a same sex couple that understands this flow, they will work together using their energies to create, receive and essentially live in joy and harmony with one another.

In loving service,


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