Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Knowing.

There is something extremely powerful in the energy of "knowing" something to be true, rather than wishing or wanting it to be.

When we know we have the ability to do something, be it take a breath of air to making an abundance of money, it seems to just happen.

You see, this certainty leads to the mastery of creating our desires.

One of the ways you can do this right now is to think and talk in terms of certainty! No longer use words like 'when', 'if' or 'try' as they aren't conducive to it being absolutely and certainly true for you.

For example: "If I only knew more about marketing then I might be able to be successful in my business."

This is not a very powerful statement.

Instead one could say "By committing to learn more about marketing I easily attract the clients and abundance I desire."

Again, not only must you start to speak in this way, you must allow yourself to create the feelings of already having that success. They keys to attraction are thinking, believing and feeling. Imagine what it would be like to have your desires met, how would that make you feel? Allow those feelings to fill your body- laugh, smile, and dance if you need to, just allow them to feel real.

Then trust and let go. Focusing too hard on creating something is only telling the universe that you continue to lack in it. Know that your request has been heard and continue to KNOW that it is being created. Have patience, have trust and all will reveal itself in time.

Also, do not get discouraged when life throws you a curve ball. Often these somewhat uncomfortable situations that can arise is just the universe getting rid of a negative pattern that is blocking you from your request. If there is anything in your life holding you back it will fall away. This can be painful and we may try to resist it, but if we have the knowing that this is all a part of the process it becomes much easier to trust and allow the flow to occur.

Honor your emotions as these changes take place as it's the most opportune time to have the greatest shift. Every challenge is an opportunity for growth and listening to our wounding is a way to discover what really needs to be healed for your best self to really shine.

Blessings and gratitude,



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